Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Leaving On A Jetplane

Tonight's the night! A couple of my sibs and I embark on a great adventure to the Emerald Isle in search of our ancestral roots. My wrist is very sore from all my mouse work emailing and printing out details of my searches. I have printed out all the information about our great grandparents and great, great grands I could find online, along with scanned copies of any documents I was able to glean. We are very, very excited. And, frankly, I am a little nervous. Expectations can be a tricky thing, and I find I have a few to say the least.

I wonder if we will resemble anyone there. I wonder if I will be able to garner additional historic information about our paternal ancestors. I'm sure we will all get along, and more than a few whiskeys and beers will be consumed along the way. Thank goodness we will have a driver to get us to the resort and to Dublin after the Gathering.

One thing I am bringing along is this picture of all our siblings to share. I don't know if sharing pictures and histories is done at the Gathering. There are genealogy sessions, so I assume someone other than me will bring along paperwork. What will these long-never-known relatives look like? We'll see very soon. Slainte!

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